Mortgages for France

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We offer international buyers a customised mortgage service for French properties.

Are you thinking of buying a home in France? Shopping for a mortgage?
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Taking nationality and finances into account, we can offer different mortgage solutions.

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Mortgages for France

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We are licensed and experienced to arrange step-by-step French mortgages for customers from:

Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
Austria, Switserland
Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland
Great Britain, Ireland
Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy
USA, Canada
Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore
Australia, New Zealand

Mortgages for France

Mortgage service for France

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Mortgages for France

We offer a choice of mortgage solutions to suit every client:


Fynis International Mortgages offers a complete service for setting up a mortgage in France: allready from the moment you are thinking about buying a house in France, we can be at your service.




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