French mortgage rates still stable first quarter 2018

The first quarter of 2018 saw French interest rates remain stable. Although commentators anticipated a rise in interest rates at the end of January, this did not materialize. On the contrary, rates seem extremely stable, and it does not appear as if they will rise at all during the first half of 2018. Interest rates didn’t increase in February or March, either; in fact, there was a slight decrease for short term loans over 15 and 20 years. Rates are at their lowest level in a year, at a level roughly the same as that seen in February 2017.

The decrease in rates over 15 and 20 years can be largely explained by the current competitive atmosphere between banks. The rise in price of real property is holding back buyers with more modest budgets, so for those non-residents who are ready to get a French mortgage and make the leap onto the French property market by purchasing a second home or holiday home, it is the ideal time to do so.

So now, with excellent rates which in fact decreased in February and March, buyers can rejoice and benefit fully from the opportunity created by competition between banks, especially if borrowing large amounts or short-term borrowing. You can secure a mortgage for France and enjoy lower interest rates.

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