Furnishing your Paris apartment


Paris is full of designer furniture galleries and we have found chic furniture design and furniture design lovers, which are contemporary, trend-setting, elegant and cutting-edge. Here we share some of the ideas gleaned which can be utilised by you to furnish your new apartment and which will give it your own completely unique character. You are not bound to make do with simply, serial edited furniture, as within Paris`love of design is the choice to give a chance to young designers full of promise and new creations. Some galleries specialise in classic or vintage furniture, so they pay continual tribute to the greatest names in the design world.

Our selection of contemporary, designer furniture galleries

Ideally, the interior design of your apartment should reflect your personality; it is essential to take time to select your designer furniture. Besides their function, material, shape and colour, furniture can be true works of art that mirror their time, yet can also be such specifically for you!

The absolute reference: Avant-Scène Gallery

Side galleries which bring contemporary designers into the spotlight, have to first include a gallery whose owner has been referred to the French and international market for 30 years. This is Galerie Avant-Scène by Elisabeth Delacarte. The expertly constructed furniture of art is made fashionable by Anna Wintour and both witness, influence and contribute to the evolution of the furniture which displays and supports the work and craft of the artist. The Anna Wintour/Elizabeth Delacarte union offers stylish taste that has become so acceptable that they are often sought after for complete, creative, interior design.

A true Parisian institution, located on the chic Place del’Odéon in Paris, is where you will discover the gallery and amazing furniture of Elisabeth Garouste, Huber Le Gall, Mino and Pierre Deltombe. Pierre Deltombe, who works mainly with small series and adornments, is a devotee of the gallery, enhancing sleek furniture such as desks made of rosewood with materials such as indies and gold or nickel metal, which is woven into their chair manufacture; sycamore, scorched ash and leather are also on show within the cutting-edge displays of lamps and mirrors which are for sale.

Another artist, Avant-Scène reveals Franck Evennou, to be a true poet of furniture. He manages to rhyme copper and wood into classy creations, sophisticatedly blending design with art. He makes his own moulds from forms sculpted in plaster as unique bases for his bronze art creations and continues to amaze as he utilises patinated bronze to manufacture (white) leather topped tables which rest on bronze legs. A further incredible and quite unique piece of art of his is a unique sculpture called Shells; it is a long seat with its skin framed above sitting, patinated bronze feet, in turn forming part of two giant shells with interiors of gold leaf and palladium. Unique: Avant-Scène.

A small gallery that should become manificent: HSP Gallery

Looking to move as far away as possible from large-scale design, Gallery HSP selects only contemporary artists working in France. Their exhibits are often of a limited series, sometimes exclusively created for the classy gallery. It is within the Swiss village sector, in the heart of Marais in Paris, that the new gallery first opened its doors to the public in 2014, after its website won internet success. The gallery was founded, as an artist gallery – Avant-Scène – by a woman: Helen of St. Pierre is a former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and she is also a graduate of architecture and interior design/decor. She will advise you on how to create a homely atmosphere within the place where you decide to reside.

Amongst HSP`s furniture design is the exquisite Infinity Chair by Matthieu Colinet. Its clean, flowing lines give the impression that the chair was drawn and manufactured by a single stroke. The designer has seemingly, effortlessly moulded the strong steel sheets of which it is composed, to appear as lightly folded ribbon. Each piece of the series owns its own individual identity but generally, just as the exteriors are rough and polished, patinated by hand, their interiors are vibrantly painted with amazingly strong colours.

HSP Gallery offers many other decorative items of sculpture. Their valet of Andros Pucci de Rossi in royal blue resin, we would not want to dress up for anything, yet it has been designed to accommodate the most precious of garments. Their illuminations and luminaires are not something to be missed. The modernistic collection of table lamps called Roche, by the artist Mydriaz, is chic and swish. It consists of a square ribbon brass, illuminated from within by unique LED strips of illuminations.The series is limited to 20 unique lights and each form is so amazing that one would want more than one to decorate and highlight each corner of your room.

Antique furniture still popular

Reference to French design still creates the same dream, all around the world! This is because their lines are not only timeless but especially involve the origins of highly contemporary design, which we mention above. It can also be said of three designers who designs have stood the test of time, they are: Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perrianto. Prevelant in French design, designing iconic furniture in the 1920s and 1930s, they are now gaining just as much tribute as their furniture is being re-issued, almost 100 years later and in unrivalled modernity!

Specialist vintage re-issue and serial design: the Cassina Gallery

The Cassina Gallery gives pride to masters of design not only of of its own, with re-issues of Gerrit Rietveld, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others. It is installed at several addresses in Paris Boulevard, Saint-Germain and the Marais for example. Interior designers are happy to hunt there as the supply of furniture design is as wide and demanding. This easily becomes evident as alongside works by Le Corbusier, there are those of Philippe Stark, Jean Nouvel and the Bouroullec brothers!
The Cassina Gallery offers reprints of the famous leather armchair LC2 sofa which is available in 2 and 3 seatings and also an ottoman. The chrome plated or painted steel structure is available in different colours, while the cushions, available in leather or fabric, make this timeless model a benchmark in the history of design.

Vintage Furniture Designer Business and Auctions

When searching for designer, vintage furniture, it is always helpful to include auctions. The Hotel auction, Drouotin, Paris, is as renowned as Christie’s in London. You will find it also on the internet site of Drouot.com timing sales. Not only will you have a great time, as the auctions are real shows, you will also definitely find vintage furniture in good condition. For the best pieces, allow some space to fight with professional antique dealers but rest assured, they`re careful not to exceed their budgets to ensure they have sufficient margins and this leaves space for the individual to do some business.

Your search wouldn`t be complete without visiting the market Paul Bert, the Saint-Ouen fleamarket. Many antique shops have held positions there for many years, some are even references to the vintage design furniture. You will find that some repesentatives consider it a pleasure to tell you the story of each room available in their shop and you may well leave with a decorative piece of history and a piece of French heritage.

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