Five Great Gourmet Restaurants of the French Riviera

If the French Riviera has much success, both for those who live there and for those who visit, it is because it is full of regional wonders. The wild landscapes of the Var, the towering cliffs of the Maritime Alps and the region`s crystal, clear waters, are all assets which may explain why so many gourmet restaurants have settled on the Riviera.
Here is a selection of 5 of our favourite restaurants. … Travel the journey of its flavours, together!

Saint-Tropez: La Vague d’Or (The Golden Wave) – Résidence de la Pinède

Facing the sea and away from the bustle of the village of Saint-Tropez, the Résidence de la Pinède is a haven which shelters a 3-star restaurant (Michelin guide). The modern and creative cuisine of the Golden Wave is orchestrated by chef Arnaud Donckèle and it is simply sublime; rendering homage to the best products of the Mediterranean!

Cannes: La Palme d’Or – Hotel Martinez.

Head of the Palme d’Or, Christian Sinicropi, is a culinary artist. Behind the scenes and where its true story, first developed by the stakeholders, begins; the story of fine art unfolds, delivering fresh flavours to your palate, midst the fine decor of the hotel, situated between land and sea. You soon learn that the true art lover is the creator of the dishes and you benefit from his training of the Fine Arts in Vallauris. Michelin stars (here-2), compliment the journey throughout your Cannes trip.

EZE: La Chèvre d’Or An amazing castle, perched on the cliff edge at Eze.

The area of La Chèvre d’Or is one of the Relais & Châteaux most spectacular. The restaurant offers a breathtaking, panoramic view. In ordered kitchens, hailed by 2 Michelin stars, the chef, Arnaud Faye, pays tribute to the local products of Mercantour and the Mediterranean, not to mention neighbouring Italy. One dish not to be missed is the Line Snapper: glazed with honey Sospel, scamorza ravioli and cucumber!

Monaco: The Louis XV by Alain Ducasse : Hotel de Paris

One could not not stop in Monaco without celebrating the high class cuisine of the Riviera!
The very exclusive Hotel de Paris, Place du Casino in Monaco, is home of the restaurant, Alain Ducasse; he is a French master of classic, culinary excellence. The restaurant, grand and modern with 3 stars, takes you on an award winning round of taste. If you feel inspired to indulge, book early to fully enjoy this experience within the sunny climate of the French Riviera, with Italy just ahead.

Menton: – overlooking the bay – Le Mirazur

Menton has an incredible, panoramic view of the bay of Menton. This will not suppress your appetite! Before you, almost surrounded by the beautiful, cobalt blue seas of the Riviera, a very inspired Argentinian chef, Mauro Colagreco, creates culinary masterpieces for you. Dishes of herbs, flowers and vegetables are grown in the kitchen garden of the house of 30 years, are put before you. Le Mirazur celebrates with the famous Menton lemon as an ingredient of an exceptional menu. 2017 brought the restaurant the sacred titles of the 4th World’s Best Restaurant and Best French Restaurant by the Academy of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants!

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