How to organize your mortgage for Spain?

Your mortgage application is accepted before you sign a purchase contract or pay a deposit.

If you want to buy a property in Spain you will in most cases have to make a deposit, often directly to the buyer. Despite the fact that in the purchase contract a resolute condition for obtaining the financing can be included, it can be a hassle to get the deposit back if the purchase can not continue. Useful if, before you sign and pay, you have certainty that your mortgage will continue and that it will be in order with the registrations of the intended object (land register).

The way in which you arrange a mortgage for Spain via EuropaHypotheek is exactly the same. Below, you can read how things go if you choose to work with EuropaHypotheek.

EuropaHypotheek is happy to be of service with arranging a financing for the purchase of a current first or second home in Spain, with the purchase price from EUR 250.000, -.

Investigate your options: mortgage calculation.

EuropaHypotheek mediates for you a Spanish mortgage that complies with local legislation. The route is bound to timelines. Before you start your search, we look forward to your options for obtaining financing. On our website, you can submit an application for a mortgage calculation via this page. You will receive a statement of the options that we can offer you within two working days. You can now focus on looking for your dream home in Spain.

Certainty in advance: file research

Before you actually start looking, you have the opportunity to present your financial file. EuropaHypotheek sends you an overview of documents to be sent and questions to be answered. EuropaHypotheek has successfully provided mortgages for foreign countries for 10 years and can determine with great certainty whether your final mortgage application can be successfully executed.

Property found – submit mortgage application

You have found a property that you would like to buy. You can request a Note Simple from the broker. With this document and a signed mortgage application form, EuropaHypotheek requests an agreement with the bank for your mortgage. You will receive a principle agreement within one week and a final agreement within two weeks on the basis of your financial situation. The bank has therefore already checked whether the object you have in mind is sufficiently current.

Valuation – final agreement bank

The bank has confirmed that if you continue the mortgage application, it will be accepted on the basis of your financial file. You want to buy the house and instruct the bank to make a valuation. The bank checks the value of the house, but especially whether the registrations in the Spanish register are in order: if the house is registered, the registration corresponds to what you offer. If the result of the valuation is agreed, you will receive the final mortgage proposal, binding for the bank. You can now sign the Spanish purchase contract, the Contrato de Compraventa, and pay a safe deposit with confidence.

Transfer of the home

The purchase contract has been signed. The bank provides you with the mortgage. You make an appointment for signing the transfer at a notary. The bank transports the mortgage money. You draw the documents and receive the key of your dream home.

Your house under the Spanish sun

Enjoy your home under the Spanish sun. Do you have any questions about your mortgage? You can always contact EuropaHypotheek for this!

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