French Mortgage for an SCI Familiale

An SCI (société civile immobilière) allows for joint ownership by one or more families, while keeping their assets separate. An SCI also provides tax benefits when transferring assets to children. EuropaHypotheek also mediates French mortgages for the purchase of a property with a family SCI. We guide our clients in the orientation phase and our service is available for common properties with a purchase price starting from €750,000, which can be used for personal use or holiday rentals.

Mortgage for an SCI Familiale

Our mortgage for family SCI offers various possibilities and advantages, including:

  • Financing a purchase by multiple families
  • Financing a purchase by two partners with separate assets (married, cohabiting)
  • Higher mortgage possible
  • Less own funds required per family
  • Limited liability per family or family member

The mortgage we offer has the following features:

  • Financing up to 85% of the purchase price
  • Choice between annuities or 7 years of interest-only, followed by annuities
  • Financing term up to 25 years
  • Limited costs for interim extra repayments


Information about French mortgage for an SCI familiale

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