French Mortgage for USA Citizens

Are you living in the USA and considering buying a home in France? Whether it’s a vacation home or an investment property for rent, Fynis International Mortgages specializes in French mortgages specifically for USA citizens. We guide you right from the initial exploratory phase to the signing of deeds with the notary, even assisting with the drafting of the purchase agreement. Our services cater to clients residing in the USA with American, British, Irish, French, Dutch, German, or Swiss nationalities. Starting from a purchase price of EUR 500,000. If you don’t succeed, neither do we: we charge no fees.

Mortgage for France:

– Financing up to 75% of the purchase price
– Minimum mortgage amount starting from EUR 375,000
– For existing homes
– For VEFA new construction, both in popular areas
– No need for life insurance
– No need to deposit a blocked amount
– No ancillary products, just a mortgage
– Term up to 25 years, maximum age 75
– Always repayable in advance
– Bank fees up to EUR 3,000.

Who’s this for?

– US citizens in the USA: salaried or independent professionals such as lawyers, dentists, solicitors, etc.
– British, Irish, French, Dutch, German, and Swiss citizens in the USA: all salaried.

Exchange Rate Advantage

You’ll be covering the transfer tax, approximately 5.8%, and 25% of the purchase price in euros yourself. Benefit from exchange rate advantages, saving up to 1% on the invested amount. We offer this alongside our mortgage service.

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Fynis International Mortgages offers international buyers a customised mortgage service for French properties: a holiday home or rental investment.

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