Late summer 2018: French mortgage rates still low and stable

Sept 22, 2018. Mortgage rates in France are currently at the historically lowest level at the end of 2016. The expectation is that this will last for a while.

The property market in the higher segment usually guarantees many transactions during the late summer period. There are quite a few banks that have not yet achieved their revenue targets in the field of mortgages. By keeping interest rates low or offering discounts, they try to attract more customers and thus realize their sales target. The mortgage interest rate for international purchases will help lift this development.

French house prices rose by an average of 1.1% in recent years. Increasing cost of living causes the French family budget to come under pressure. Although the costs of long-term mortgages (20 to 25 years) are higher, the lower monthly costs of such mortgages make them popular.

With increasing inflation, it becomes more interesting to buy with financing. On the one hand, the value of the collateral increases, while on the other hand the value of the debt, the impact of the monthly burden, decreases.

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