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Mortgage Calculation for France

Discover your options to buy a second home in France

Intending to buy a house in France for spending your holidays or as investment from abroad? Ask us for a personal mortgage calculation. It will give you the clear picture what you can lend and what type of house you can buy.
Take advantage of our free mortgage calculation to get a better idea of the financial implications involved in financing a second home in France. Once you know your borrowing capacity, you can save time/effort by focusing only on properties within your price range.
Filling in the below form will take 5 minutes and you will receive our answer in max two working days.

Which stage in the buying process?

> € 280.000,-

Not sure? Then do not fill in.

Not sure? Then do not fill in.

Maximum 85% of Buying Price - brokers fees included

For use as part of Buying Price, Notary Fees, Transfer Tax and Bank Fees

Same as passport

Same as passport



Pension: annual gross

3% of the value of your Stocks


Loans, Alimony, Mortgages other than for main home

Land number included

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