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Mortgages for Spain

Welcome to Fynis International Mortgages.
Are you intending to buy a house in Spain for spending your holidays or as investment?

Fynis International Mortgages offers International Buyers a trustful mortgage service for Spanish properties. We can offer different mortgage solutions, up to 70% from the buying price.

We take care of a complete bank agreement before you sign the buying contract, before you have to do a down payment. You will receive this confirmation directly from the bank.

Spanish Mortgage

Specially negotiated:

Reliable bank
For a holiday home and/or rental investment
Spain: Mallorca and Ibiza included
Buying price from EUR 250.000,- 
Up to 70% of the buying price
Term up to 25y
Rates example: 15 y fixed 2,4 followed by 10 y variable 1,28%
Unlimited early redemption
No compulsory life insurance (-/- 0,4%)

For International Buyers

We are pleased to offer you our services for International Buyers from all over the world
Are services are available in case you have a stable and realiable income 
For expatriots, employees, enterpreneurs and pensioners

Our Service

We help you from the early beginning till you get your keys, a.o.:

Calculating your possibilities
Having your file studied, sending it to the bank, having a bank agreement: before you sign the buying contract (= before down payments)
Taking care of communication with the Spanish bank
Accompanying you to signing the deeds with the notary

Ready to buy?

Ask here for your mortgage offer: within one working day in you mail box.


Get a clear picture: what type of house can you buy? what are your costs and monthly payments?

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