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Calculation mortgage for Spain


Fynis International Mortgages mediates in mortgages for the purchase of a property in Spain: a holiday home, an investment or, for pensioners, their main home. Buy your property in Spain and arrange your Spanish mortgage together with Fynis International Mortgages from your home land. Are you considering buying a property in Spain? Request a mortgage calculation here: without obligation and without costs. It gives you a clear insight into your options for financing, the costs of purchasing a home, the interest and monthly payments for a mortgage. You will receive your calculation within two working days. We are happy to be at your service at a purchase price starting from EUR 250.000, – . The maximum financing is 70% of the purchase price. In addition to 30% own resources, you need about 10 – 15% of the purchase price for other costs (lawyer, notary, valuation, bank, etc). You will receive your calculation within two working days.

Which stage in the buying process?

> € 350.000,-

Not sure? Then do not fill in.

Not sure? Then do not fill in.

Maximum 85% of Buying Price - brokers fees included

For use as part of Buying Price, Notary Fees, Transfer Tax and Bank Fees

Same as passport

Same as passport



Pension: annual gross

3% of the value of your Stocks


Loans, Alimony, Mortgages other than for main home

Land number included

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