Worth knowing


Buying a property in Spain – useful to know:


A notary in Spain is an official who registers and ensures that documents meet the legal requirements. You need a lawyer, an agent, to check the registrations of a home (the property, land register, etc.). An agent knows the local legal system. He represents your interests towards the seller. You engage an agent at the time your bid is accepted, or perhaps even better: before. It is best to examine premature with which lawyer you would like to work together. In case you buy with a mortgage, the bank will also check the registrations of the property.

Spanish tax number and bank account

In order to apply for your mortgage, you will need a Spanish tax number, a NIE, from the moment the application is submitted to the Spanish bank. Sometimes your lawyer-agent can arrange this for you. You must then have an authorization drawn up. He will explain to you how this works.