Already Purchased Your House in Spain? Considering a Mortgage Afterwards?

Have you already purchased your dream home in Spain but now realize the benefits of having a mortgage? Don’t worry, Fynis International Mortgages is here to make it happen for you. We can help you secure the financing you need, even after the purchase.

Unlock the potential of your property and embrace the freedom and financial flexibility that comes with a mortgage from Fynis International Mortgages. Discover the possibilities with our post-financing options. If you bought your property less than a month ago, you can qualify for up to 70% financing of its value. Even if it has been a while since you made the purchase, we offer financing options of 50% to 60% based on your specific situation. You should know that these options are available exclusively to those who have financed their purchase entirely with their own funds, without any previous loans.

Take the next step and request a personalized quote through our website. In the comments section, make sure to mention that it’s a post-financing request and provide the date when the property was officially registered in your name. We guarantee a prompt response within one working day, so you can swiftly move forward in securing the ideal mortgage for your Spanish home.

Fynis International Mortgages offers international buyers a customised mortgage service for Spanish properties: a holiday home or rental investment.

Mortgage Offer for Spain

Have you set your sights on a beautiful house in Spain? Looking to purchase it from abroad? Request a mortgage quote here, and you'll receive it in your email inbox within one working day.

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Mortgage Calculation

Planning to purchase a house in Spain for your holidays or as an investment? Obtain a mortgage calculation without any obligation here, and within one working day, you will discover your options for buying a house in Spain

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