Spot on a region: Burgundy

If you are considering purchasing a second home in France, you may be tempted to look at a property in Burgundy. The region is highly attractive to buyers: it is renowned for its gastronomy and wines, but also has a very rich history, as demonstrated by the ‘hospices de Beaune’ and the ‘site of Alesia’. As for real estate in this region, it is also rich and varied: from characterful town houses to farms in the heart of the countryside, there’s something for everyone in Burgundy!

Exceptional heritage

Nature lovers can rejoice, because right in the heart of Burgundy lies the Morvan National Park, which is situated between hills and rivers and boasts a rich ecosystem.

Lovers of French history and culture will also find plenty to interest them, thanks to the many typical medieval villages that can be found in the region. There are castles, parks, archaeological sites and religious buildings, some of which are classified UNESCO World Heritage sites, which will delight the whole family.

It’s impossible to talk about Burgundy without mentioning its prestigious Wine Route, which runs from Dijon to Beaune, through Nuits-Saint-Georges. The region is also home to many other famous wines, such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Lively cities

Burgundy is extremely well-connected, opening onto both the Atlantic and Eastern Europe, and offers easy access to both the north and south of France. The major French cities are all within reach; Paris lies just one hour north of the region.

The largest cities in the region are Dijon, Auxerre, Macon, Nevers and Chalon-sur-Saône.

Dijon is the capital of the region, with 150,000 inhabitants. There are many universities in the region, with over 45,000 students.

Attractive real estate market

Dijon is considered as one of the most pleasant places to study in France, so it’s no surprise that rental investments are flourishing there. Consequently, the property prices are higher than those found in other cities in the region. For apartments, the average price per square meter is €2,000 and €2,400 per square meter for a house. The average price per square meter for a house in the Burgundy region is around €1,250.

Companies endorse the region, and rightly so. With commercial real estate available at a cheaper price than in Paris or Lyon, but with more modern equipment and buildings on the market, the dynamism and attractiveness of Burgundy are clear to see.

Finally, for private individuals, there are many small towns with many individual houses, which means there is always a wide and diverse range of property on the market. Old real estate is particularly accessible, and sales are consistently at the market price, which is lower than the national average.
If you’re looking to buy a holiday home in France, Burgundy may be the place for you. With attractive property prices and a varied, enjoyable lifestyle on offer, you can’t fail to be enchanted by Burgundy.

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